Home Extensions

home extensions

With the footprint your home currently has it might just be that a new bathroom or kitchen won’t fit in. A home extension could be the answer for your and a supplier adept in project management would be ideal. From building regulations right through to planning, management of all trades are the skills you would need to look for. There are very few builders who can match up to this kind of performance and the ones that can are always busy and can command a high price. But don’t be tempted tp go for the cheap quote as it so often ends in tears.
The styles of property and home extensions and new builds we can deliver are endless. Hamptons style or heritage with finely detailed mouldings combined with coffered ceilings for an extra luxurious look to the fabric of your home can be achieved by our experienced craftsmen. Eco friendly bamboo flooring to gently silvered low maintenance timber exterior cladding for a country style contemporary look, the choices are yours. From home extensions Perth to home extensions Melbourne the only restriction is your imagination and your budget.
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